Thinking about starting a junk removal business? Do you currently own a junk removal business? Become part of our fast growing brand! There will only be a limited number of licenses sold in each city. By popular demand, we are proud to announce the 1-800-Mr-Junker Licensing Program. This is not a franchise! You own your own business. No franchise fees or sales based royalties to pay either. Licensing is a great alternative to going it alone, and without the high cost associated with buying a franchise. Get the big business look without the big business price. We have also developed many great tools for you to use in your own junk removal business. Buying a 1-800-Mr-Junker license is a very simple process. We grant you a nice long agreement if you want to stay with us for the long haul. We also make it just as easy to get out of the agreement as well. Let’s say you have a life changing event (we all have, right?), or if you simply feel this business is not right for you. Just give us written notice and we’ll cancel your contract (full details in license agreement). That’s all there is to it.

For more information, please read our FAQ page.

Only $3000 down and $300 per month! That’s all it costs to get started with our company. You’re locked in too! Your monthly fees will never increase as long as you’re a licensee in good standing with the company. Your first month is included in the $3000 start-up fee. Standard features included: the following items are included with your start-up fee.

  • You will be granted a license to use our registered name, trademark, logo, and all of our copyright protected materials.
  • You will be listed on our main website for your city/area.
  • Your territory is your county. You can work all around your county with no restrictions!
  • Marketing and Forms Collection CD includes every marketing piece that we have ever created for our business. Forms too!
Additional tools, and services are available to help you run your business.
  • Baseball caps.
  • Golf shirts.
  • Glossy logo decals.
  • Newspaper advertisement.
  • Marketing Materials.
  • Vehicle Signage.

Still not ready to commit?
That’s okay! Look at our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY page.