Have a question? Contact us at 1-800-Mr-Junker or patcivitella@aol.com.

Q: What is a License?

A: A license is permission that we grant to you in the form of a written license agreement. You can display the 1-800-Mr-Junker name and logo on your own website, marketing materials, vehicle graphics, etc. The only thing you will be required to do is to display along with our logo your actual company’s name and that the business is operated under license. You still will refer to yourself as 1-800-Mr-Junker, and answer your phones as such. It’s just that your legal name must not be 1-800-Mr-Junker, and we need to inform the public of the fact that you’re a licensee.

Q: Do I need a truck?

A: No. A truck is not required at all! Use what you have to get started. You can always add a dedicated junk removal vehicle as your business grows. If you are just coming into the business on a part-time basis, then purchasing a truck probably is not a good idea. Our licensees have different goals in mind when signing on. Some are just interested in part-time, while others are jumping in and working on a full-time basis. So this will influence what type of vehicle you may need.

Q: Is this a Franchise?

A: No. You own your own business. You run it the way you see fit and with zero franchise fees or sales based royalty payments.

Q: How much is a license?

A: Our licensing program is $3000 down and $300 monthly. Your first month is included in the down payment. If you live in a small town, then we will offer you 2-5 surrounding towns to make up your territory. In this situation you would be the exclusive licensee for these areas.

Q: Why should I join you?

A: Having name recognition is very important in today’s business world, especially with a service as personal as removing someone’s personal belongings. Customers want to know you’re a true professional, and that their belongings are being handled with care. Creating a brand cost money, and a lot of independent operators just don’t have the time or money or know how to develop a professional brand. This is where we come in. We have already done the leg work for you. We have a lot of time and money invested in our business and want to make all of our tools available to you, the independent junk removal business owner.

In addition to using our name and logo, we offer you all of the marketing materials we have developed over the years. So for a fraction of what it costs us to develop our business, you can become a 1-800-Mr-Junker licensee. We also have shirts, hats, decals, vehicle graphic layouts, and other imprinted items available too.

Q: Any territory restrictions?

A: With the above price you are given one (1) territory. This is usually the county that you live in. So with-in this territory you can market freely with zero restrictions. This is not like a franchise, where you must work in a specific zip code(s). You can work anywhere in your city that you want to. If you wish to expand to another city, you may do so. We will wave your down payment for additional cities. The only thing you need to pay is an additional $300 per month per city or population.

Q: Will there be other licensees in my city?

A: No.

Q: How do I get started?

A: You first need to purchase our starter package for only $249.00. It includes our complete business manual, necessary forms, and the complete 1800MrJunker business model (please visit the “Try Before You Buy” link below). After you receive the complete package, please contact us about how to proceed with your junk removal business. This is a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE opportunity! If you are approved for a licensee agreement, we will get your business started right away!

Q: What if this is NOT for me?

A: Simply give us 90 days written notice, and we will cancel your agreement with us. It’s that simple.